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Exxon Mobil sponsors Australian Journalism conference

On July 30, 2010 , in News, Uncategorized , by admin

“What’s the story?” is the title for the Australian Journalists 2010 annual conference. It’s a good theme; the core of excellent journalism is to ask the question “what’s the story?”

Which leads nicely to this question: what’s the story with the Australian Journalists union accepting sponsorship from Exxon Mobil?

See the details on the Walkley/MEAA website here:

Why is Exxon Mobil the GOLD Sponsor of the Australian Journalism conference? Given the recent public relations disasters by oil giant BP, and allegations of oil companies funding specific academics and conferences, (link to Clive Hamilton’s blog on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s commentary website, The Drum), is this the image the Australian Journalist’s peak body is after?

The conference has received plenty of advance editorial from some Australian Journalists; Caroline Overington, Editor of The Diary at The Australian, and Tim Burrowes, Editor of mUmBRELLA.

Background: The Walkley Foundation is the fundraising and awards arm of the MEAA (The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, a.k.a. the Australian Journalists Union).

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