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Presentations and other documents:

On February 14, 2011 , in , by admin

Presentations from Frocomm conferences are listed subject to speaker approval. Some of the conference speakers chose not to share their presentations; in these cases, please contact the speaker direct and they may share their preso with you.

If you need help with anything on this page, please contact Glen Frost on glenfrost “at”

Presentations from Frocomm’s 5th Annual New Media Summit 2012:

Beauty Heaven_Jackie Maxted

Andrew Hunter_ninemsn

Adam Cubito_Perfeckt

Brendan Maher_Lifeline

Canon & Switched On Media

Freelancer com_David Harrison

Michael Henderson_DEC

PeopleBrowsr_Jodee Rich

US Embassy in Australia_Alison Barnard

Vanessa Stoykov_evo media [Compatibility Mode]

NSW Police media relations guide:

Bell Pottinger’s presentation to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Frocomm Australia’s ENGAGE 2011 Conference 10th & 11th November 2011:

SR7_James Griffin & Thomas Tudehope_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011

Melissa Chlad_Hill & Knowlton Australia_Day 1_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011

Marie Sornin_Digital Cuisine_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011

Hal Crawford_ninemsn_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011_ Day 1

Dr Cecile Paris_CSIRO_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011_Day 1

Brain Giesen_Ogilvy 360 DI_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011

Vanessa Paech_Community Engine_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011

Tim Archer_NSW Police Force_Frocomm ENGAGE 2011

6th Annual Government Relations Summit 2011, Canberra 4/11/2011

Shaughn Morgan, Barton Deakin: presentation on new NSW Colaition Government and Premier Barry O’Farrell

Frocomm Gov Rels 2011 Summit_pres by S Morgan_Barton Deakin

Government Relations: The Royal Australasian College of Physicians – Principles of Policy & Advocacy handbook (published with permission for practitioners in GR and Public Affairs and those attending Frocomm’s Government Relations Summit)

RACP_Principles of Policy & Advocacy_Handbook

World Bloggers Day – Sydney, 2011

John Stauffer, Regional Stretegic Director, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence discusses the top trends in Facebook and digital communication:

John Stauffer_Ogilvy 360 DI_for World Bloggers Day Sydney 2011

4th Annual New Media Summit 2011:

Wing Cheung_NAB_at Frocomm NMS 2011

Reichel Cheslett_Weight Watchers_at Frocomm NMS 2011

Jodee Rich_People Browsr_at Frocomm NMS 2011

Cathie McGinn_at Frocomm NMS 2011

Day 2_Jarod Green_Radical Love_Frocomm NMS 2011 Keynote

Day 2_Ken Hudson_shortoverviewofspeedthinking_Frocomm NMS 2011

4th Annual New Media Summit 2011 – photos from Day 1


5th Annual Government Relations Summit 2010:

Andrew Bradley_Climate Response Aust Public Affairs_preso Gov Rels Summit 2010

Gary Morgan & Michele Levine_Roy Morgan_Frocomm Govt Relations Summit 2010_final

Gary Morgan & Michele Levine_Roy Morgan_Frocomm Govt Relations Summit 2010_final_part 2

Nik Campbell_J&J Family of Companies_pres at Frocomm Gov Rels Summit 2010

Roy Morgan State of The Nation 6Simon Banks_Hawker Britton_pres for Frocomm Gov Rels 2010_Final

Simon Banks_Hawker Britton_pres for Frocomm Gov Rels 2010_Final

Sydney Bloggers Festival 2010

Daily Addict_Syd Bloggers Festival_8.11.10

SBF _Day 1_Speaker 6_Matt Gain_Edelman

SBF_Telstra preso_Digital PR day

SW Presentation – Sydney Bloggers Festival V1 Georgie

SBF_Day 2_Speaker 2_Jackie Maxted_Beauty [Compatibility Mode]

SBF_Day 2_12-00_Darren Vowles_WineFoodHotel [Compatibility Mode]

SBF 2010_Day 3_AutoChic_BloggersFestival2010

SBF 2010_Day 2_Martin Hosking_Red Bubble_opening keynote

SBF 2010_Day 1_Greg Savage_CEO Keynote


Public Relations Summit 2010

PR Conference 2010_Dominos_iphone launch_Sarah Broad

PR Conf_Day 1_Rebecca Derrington_sourcebottle

PR Conf 2010_PR 3 0 Semantic Web_Leila Henderson_Newsmaker

PR Conf 2010_Day 1_Session 4_Australian Unity Wellbeing Index

PR Conf 2010_Day 1_Session 3_Kelly Ward – Frocomm presentation

PR Conf 2010_Day 1_Paul Ritchie

PR Conf 2010_Christine Jones_BM_for publication

PR Conf 2010_Christine Jones_BM contact details

PR 2010_Day 2_Panel_Trinity Scarf_Tourism Australia



4th Annual New Media Summit 2010

Ava Lawler_Text100 at Frocomm New media summit 2010 – using video_ [Compatibility Mode]

Sue Gilchrist_Freehills_preso at Frocomm New Media Summit 2010

NICK Holmes A Court_Buzz Numbers at Frocomm New Media Summit 2010

Napoleon Biggs_Fleishman-Hillard at Frocomm_NewMedia

Dan Young_Burson-Marsteller_Crowdsourcing at Frocomm New Media Summit 2010

David – New media summit David Quiltyv3 [Compatibility Mode]

Oliver – New Media Summit March 2010 [Compatibility Mode]

Mathew_WS_Facebook_V04 – FINAL PRESO

2nd Annual Gov 2.0 Conference 2010

Ian Stewart

Web 2.0 in Government Collabforge Presentation

Day 1_2_Peter Alexander Towards Gov 2

Day 1_1 Gov 20 conference 210610 Piers HS and Paul McLeay

DAY 2_5_Reactive & Zoos Victoria

DAY 2_4_Tigerspike

3P Learning – Presentation – 24 June 2010